Brow Lift in Nashville, Tennessee

One of the most common procedures performed for people who are unhappy with wrinkled, sagging skin on the forehead is a brow lift.  This procedure is ideal for people who want to soften a scowling expression and look more rested and approachable. 

Dr. Griffin uses a minimally invasive surgical approach to minimize scarring in performing his browlifts, meaning that small incisions are hidden behind the hairline.  Each brow lift is performed differently to address individual needs of each face and ensure that the end result is a more relaxed and youthful looking appearance. 

The Brow Lift procedure

Typically, a brow lift involves the following:

  • Tightening loose muscles: Sagging skin and other factors play a role in facial aging, but many of the most frustrating "frown lines" and wrinkles result from changes to the position of the forehead muscles over time. Dr. Griffin uses minimally invasive surgical approaches to correct and restore the muscles' position through a small incision hidden behind the hairline.
  •  Smoothing out lines and wrinkles: After adjusting the facial muscles, gently pulls the upper-forehead tissues are gently pulled upward and any excess skin is removed, with special attention given to maintaining a natural angle of tension that will prevent a "pulled" look.
  • Restoring the position of descended brows: while correcting the position of the forehead tissues, Dr. Griffin can also correct the position of brows that have descended over time. This adjustment may also improve the appearance of loose eyelid tissues, although for extensive eyelid sagging Dr. Griffin generally recommends combining blepharoplasty with your brow lift.

When you come in for your consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Don Griffin in his Nashville office, he will discuss your concerns and options with you. 

Patient Results

 This young at heart woman felt like her face did not match her personality. She did not like her heavy jowls and neck and the heaviness around her eyes. Dr. Griffin performed a face lift, necklift, browlift and blepharoplasty. The browlift helped her look younger and fresher without the "deer in the headlights" look. The combination of the browlift and blepharoplasty have opened up her eyes and removed the heavy, tired look that she had before surgery.

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