BOTOX®  Nashville - Tennessee

At Nashville Cosmetic Surgery, we use BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport injectables to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in common areas such as "crow's feet", the forehead and between the eyebrows. Fine lines are created by the contraction of underlying muscles and the condition of the skin.  These treatments work by temporarily preventing the muscles in the targeted areas from contracting and are an excellent non-surgical option for individuals who want to achieve smoother, more youthful skin.

After your first consult, the injections typically take only about 10 minutes to complete and require no downtime after treatment.  You may experience some minor bruising, swelling and/or redness in the targeted areas; however these effects are usually minor and usually disappear within 24 hours.

If you have had facial plastic surgery such as a browlift, facelift or eyelid enhancement, wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers can enhance your beauty transformation.  In fact, it will prolong the results of your facial surgery and get the most for your commitment to maintaining a youthful appearance. To maintain your new look, Nashville Cosmetic Surgery offers  minimally invasive dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane and Perlane, along with wrinkle relaxers BOTOX® and Dysport. In Nashville, these treatments, along with BOTOX® and Dysport, are especially beneficial for people who want to get the most out of their surgical results. Regular touch-ups take only a few minutes to perform and the results last for several months.  


Injections are offered on every street corner these days, however, every "street corner" injection will not always give you the best results or desired corrections.  The best results are the ones that are not easily noticed by others.  If you can look at some one and tell they have been injected, then chances are it was not done by a well-trained and artful injector.

Nashville Cosmetic Surgery is a credentialed ExpertInjector office, meeting stringent criteria for this certification.  Always look for the ExpertInjector seal before getting your injections.

Nashville Cosmetic Surgery takes an individualized approach to injections.  We recognize that your face is unique; and that each face animates and ages differently.  There is no cookie-cutter approach that will work for every face.  It takes an educated and experienced injector to walk a patient through the process of getting the best desired outcome.


At Nashville Cosmetic Surgery, you will benefit from an injectable plan designed personally for you. The injectable consultation is free and allows you time to discuss your concerns, goals and options to achieve your desired result.  The goal of achieving natural injectable results for each face requires a unique blend of artistry and science, and staying abreast of all the latest injecting techniques. Working under the direct supervision of Dr. Griffin, our Clinical Nurse Injector has trained closely with Dr. Griffin as well as with accomplished experts in cosmetic injectables.  This expertise shows: our patients routinely comment on the light touch and fabulous results.  We promise you will never leave our office looking unnatural or over-injected.




We price by the unit, not by the area treated.  Some faces require more product than others to achieve the desired result.  Pricing by the unit, not the area, allows you to only pay for what your face needs, and we have a courtesy touch-up policy.


BOTOX® and Dysport are both distributed in a powder form intended to be mixed by the person doing the injections. Because it is expensive, variations in price can be attributed to different dilutions or the actual amounts injected. If you have been disappointed in wrinkle-relaxing injections given by other injectors, make an appointment for a consultation online or call our office at (615) 321-1003 today.



Fillers add volume to areas of the face that appear sunken, hollow or creased. These products are highly advantageous for facelift patients who have experienced facial atrophy (fat loss), or for those with thin lips or depressions under the eyes. Nashville Cosmetic Surgery provides a variety of fillers. Start exploring now:

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